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At SRR we are family, and we are stronger together

How we are keeping each other safe from COVID-19

Since 1989, Scarborough Retirement Residence has demonstrated a commitment to excellence. While things may look different now, our commitment to you remains the same. The well-being and safety of our residents and team members will always come first. We continue to work with public health authorities in maintaining strong infection control and management protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

As a family-owned and operated residence, we know how important family is. Our residents love living here, and we love offering them a place to continue to lead vibrant lives. We are happy to announce that our residents and team members have received the vaccination against COVID-19. As we navigate the pandemic during these unprecedented times, we want you to know that we are here for you and we will get through this together.

Family Feedback on our COVID-19 Pandemic Response

“I want to say that your response to this pandemic has been beyond exceptional. All of you have gone above and beyond to ensure the physical, social and emotional well-being of our family members. Your genuine concern is evidenced by the wonderful extras that you do - the visitation centre and activity packages come to mind. The staff are cheerful and dedicated, while putting their own health at risk and perhaps their own family's. The management of this latest outbreak was so well handled. Thanks for all that you do. We so much appreciate it.”

– Gayle Ferguson

Scarborough Retirement Residence’s Management of COVID-19

While we have always maintained strong health and safety protocols, we have now implemented numerous proactive measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 without compromising quality of life. We continue to actively monitor the wellness of residents and staff while adhering to safety guidelines set forth by Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Health.


Over 200 pieces of PPE

have been sourced by Scarborough Retirement Residence to keep residents and staff safe.

We have hosted more than 25 virtual town halls

in the last year to keep our residents and their families informed and connected during this challenging time.

Our staff complement has significantly increased

with dedicated essential workers and professionals, across all of our departments, our staff are caring, compassionate and at the heart of our longevity.

For over 30 years, we have been providing exceptional care for our residents. We are committed to being more than a community here, we are like family.

Safety and Outbreak Prevention Protocols

Scarborough Retirement Residence has always had robust infection control protocols. At the beginning of the pandemic, our team came together to look at areas where we could enhance our safety measure in compliance with the provincial and local health authorities. With clear and attainable protocols in place, we are able to help protect our residents and staff and immediately address any COVID-19 outbreaks.

Some of the enhanced safety measures include:

Active screening and surveillance of resident health twice daily

PPE on hand and required for residents and staff

Essential worker and designated caregiver (DCG) training

Active screening of visitors and staff

Enhanced infection control protocols

Promote hand-washing and good hygiene by increasing our hand sanitization stations and audits

Increased sanitation and disinfection of high-touch surfaces

Physical distancing in common areas, dining rooms and elevators

Routine PCR swabbing and Rapid Antigen Testing for all staff, Agency Workers and DCGs

Pandemic Free Family Visitation Centre

Our commitment to you

Scarborough Retirement Residence has implemented many initiatives to support our residents, staff and our community over the last year:

  • Rapidly sourced PPE for staff, residents and visitors
  • Ongoing recruitment to ensure consistent staffing
  • Our Community Relations Team is available 7 days a week to answer your calls and respond to your emails
  • Host regular scheduled virtual town hall meetings and provide email updates to keep our residents, their families and our staff informed and connected
  • Medical Virtual Care available in our Community Clinic’s Family Lounge
  • Sourced and maintain the Family Visitation Centre our safe and innovative approach to keeping residents connected to their families
  • Enhanced virtual Life Enrichment Programs such as Virtual-Visits, Dedicated Community CATIE TV, Radio & Web Communication directly to resident suites

Keeping Families Connected

Keeping Families Connected

The Scarborough Retirement Residence’s Family Visitation Centre was featured in the Toronto Star as an innovative solution to maintaining resident & family connections while still following safety protocols. The custom designed trailer, located outside our building last spring, allows residents to have meaningful visits with their families while adhering to Public Health safety guidelines. Exemplifying our commitment to providing solutions for our residents no matter the circumstances.

Our residents can book a time in the Family Visiting Centre if they wish to connect with friends and family in-person. Inside the customized trailer, we installed a plexiglass barrier so visitors and residents can safely take off their masks. A microphone is set up on both sides of the glass to ensure better communication. The customized trailer is stocked with hand sanitizers, puzzles and toys for children as well as a kettle, a microwave and free Wi-Fi. This is just one of the ways we are keeping our families connected during COVID-19.



Today, more than ever, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our residents and staff. At Scarborough Retirement Residence we are more than a community, we are like a family and we are grateful to our staff for their tireless dedication to our residents.

In each COVID outbreak instance, we activated the required protocols and remained in contact with public health authorities. We continue to monitor the health of all residents and staff and remain vigilant in our efforts to manage this pandemic.

Creating and Maintaining Life Enriching Experiences

We believe that active living plays a significant role in the health and happiness of our seniors. At Scarborough Retirement Residence, we are proud of the interactive programs we offer. Residents can choose from a wide selection of activities that will help them stay active, engaged and connected.

Creating and Maintaining Life Enriching Experiences

Some of the social programs we offer include:

  • Televised Mass Services and Virtual Meditation
  • Priest and Ministry Calls and Check in
  • Rendever Virtual Reality
  • Resident Zoom Events
  • CATIE TV / Radio Dedicated Communication System
  • “Love-in-a-Box” Activity Kits
  • Intergenerational and Senior-to-Senior Pen-Pals
  • One-on-One Visits and Direct Calls by Volunteers
  • StrongerU Fitness
  • Virtual Bike Tours with Peddlers
  • Book Club and Gratitude Journaling
  • Active Resident Committees
  • Community Virtual Games
  • Resident to Resident
  • Dining Club
  • V V Senior Adult Support, Counselling, Transportation and Errands

All social programs adhere to our new enhanced infection prevention measures of small groups, distancing, masks and hand hygiene.


The sense of family at Scarborough Retirement Residence is what sets us apart. At the heart of our community is our dynamic, compassionate and professional staff members that help to maintain our residence as a safe, engaging and fulfilling place to call home. Our staff includes a Community Relations Team who is available 7-days a week to answer your phone-calls and emails. Our team consists of numerous professionals who are dedicated to each and every one of our residents and we thank all of them for keeping everyone happy and healthy.

Message from our owner:

Just like every other family, we are stronger when we are together. Here, at Scarborough Retirement Residence, we are more than just a community, we are like a family and have been working closely to face the COVID-19 pandemic with focus, determination and commitment to our residents and each other.

As we have faced the many challenges that come with a Pandemic, I am proud to say we continue to meet every opportunity to do better and overcome each challenge as a team. We have been creative and innovative to find solutions, such as making our dream of our Pandemic Free Visitation Centre for our residents and their families into a reality.

We have drawn back the operational curtain fostering transparency when hosting virtual town halls. We continue to keep our residents, staff and their families informed and connected on important changes and new directives from public health and changing policies designed to keep Scarborough Retirement Residence a safe place to work.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our extremely dedicated and tireless staff for all of their efforts keeping us all safe, and to our residents and their families for their patience and understanding as we all navigate these challenging times together.

A special note of gratitude to our Agency Providers, Toronto Public Health, SHN’s IPAC leads, LHIN, Ontario Health, ORCA and RHRA for the tireless and continuing support and guidance.

Thank you for keeping us stronger together.



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Scarborough Retirement Residence Guidance

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