Our Mission

Our Vision

Committed to being more than a Community - We are like a Family.

Our Mission

We live the Vision Statement by:

Listening and responding to your needs and wishes;
Actualizing your health and wellness through wholistic approaches for healthy living;
Promoting autonomy by honouring your individual beliefs and values;
Providing an inclusive, welcoming and safe home.

Our Values


It’s your life; we just make it easier by embracing and respecting personal choice.


We’ve got your back by protecting you and informing you of your rights.

Measuring Up

We raise the bar with a desire to constantly achieve and improve.


Doing the right thing by being honest, accountable and transparent.


Finding meaningful connections that nurture a sense of belonging, caring, healthy independence, joy and fun.

You Matter

Because you matter we are mindful of you, your spirit and your journey.